Library and reading room

Confucius Library collects works connected with all aspects of Chinese culture (history, philosophy, language, art and so on). We possess rich resources, including:
  • A wide range of new publications
  • Chinese course books (different levels), exemplary HSK tests
  • Chinese literature in the original or translated into English or Polish language
  • Chinese dictionaries, atlases and albums (you can use them only in the reading room)
All books from Confucius Library, you can find in Computer Catalogue of Jagiellonian Library. If you want to know how to use the catalogue, watch the short presentation. We possess the rich collection of fiction and documentary movies and also audiovisual materials for teaching and learning Chinese: catalogue of audiovisual materials. 
Until November 2015, we have collected 4150 books, over 2000 audiovisual materials and about 350 copies of journals.
In our reading room, you can read journals and bulletins, such as:
  • Azja Pacyfik
  • China's Scholars Abroad (神州学人)
  • Chinese Cross Currents (神州交流)
  • Confucius Institute (孔子学院)
  • People's Literature (人民文学)
  • The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture
  • Zhonghua shuhuajia (中华书画家)
We ensure access to the wireless Internet.

Godziny otwarcia biblioteki

poniedziałek 9:00-13:00

wtorek 14:00-18:00

środa 12:30-16:30

czwartek 14:00-18:00

piątek 12:30-16:30