For schools

Considering the fact that our aim is to teach Chinese language and promote the culture of the Middle Kingdom also to children and young people, we initiated the cooperation with a few educational institutions in Lesser Poland.

Chinese Lessons

Since 2010, Kraków Confucius Institute has cooperated with more than ten education institutions. At schools, our teachers hold the class for students and teachers. As the need arises, the Institute ensures a Polish teacher supporting Chinese native speaker.

The class, whose students are obligated to learn Chinese language, was set up in one of high schools in Kraków. A year later, this school opened another similar class.

Currently, one of primary schools in Kraków has five classes whose pupils, with the help of teachers from Kraków Confucius Institute, learn Chinese language and get to know the culture of the Middle Kingdom.

Chinese Culture Days

Apart from Chinese courses, we offer popular lectures taken by the researchers from Jagiellonian University. We also hold the class at which we teach Chinese calligraphy, cutouts and games. We mount shows of brewing Chinese tea and Kung Fu, photographic exhibitions, film shows, etc.

In 2011, XVI Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Krakowie (High School no 16 in Kraków) organised the celebration of Chinese New Year. The teachers from Kraków Confucius Institute told the students about traditions and superstitions, connected with Chinese New Year. The students also admired the dragon dance. Everyone got own Chinese names and the horoscope for the Year of the Rabbit. The students, who were interested in learning Chinese language, attended to a demonstration lesson.

Another high school in Kraków, III Liceum Ogólnokształcące, celebrating Truant's Day (March 21), organised the day of Chinese culture. Participants watched photos from China, listened to the lectures about modern China and admired traditional Chinese music and dance. Everyone got own Chinese name, written in Chinese calligraphy style. However, the most exciting was competition which checked how much the participants know about China.

The list of schools cooperating with Kraków Confucius Institute