Events over Endeavours. Image of the Chinese in Zambia and Angola

red. Jarosław Jura , red. Kaja Kałużyńska , red. Paulo de Carvalho 

The contemporary Chinese engagement in Africa dates back to the 1950's, and it has gained momentum in the last two decades. The Chinese presence in African countries has been getting more and more visible; not only the number of Chinese investments in the area and international agreements has been increasing, but also the size of the Chinese diaspora in the region has grown.

The study is focused on the extraordinarily important topical problem of the Chinese expansion in Africa. Both the applied innovative methodology and the new approach towards the Sino-African relations, focused on the perception of the Chinese presence in the region, are the factors that distinguish this work. [...] As the authors themselves state, in the summary they try to avoid drawing generalising conclusions; rather, they focus on pointing out the differences in the perception of China and the Chinese between Angola and Zambia. Acknowledging the increasing importance of the perception of China and the Chinese in Africa as an important factor influencing Sino-African relations constitutes the most valuable conclusion of the study. (Prof. Dominik Mierzejewski, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Lodz)

Data opublikowania: 15.04.2016
Osoba publikująca: Katarzyna Włodarczyk