China. Confucian Tradition - Towards the New Century

edited by Adam W. Jelonek, Bogdan S. Zemanek, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Kraków 2008

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The purpose of this book is to serve as an introduction to some aspects of the Chinese last revolution deeply enrooted in the Confucian tradition. We have asked some of the most distinguished Polish specialists in "Chinese studies" representing main academic centers to exchange their views on contemporary China – its society, politics and economy – always having in mind its cultural and philosophical heritage.

[…] The first part of the book concerns China proper: the first three texts can be read as an introduction to Confucian studies.

[…] In the following two parts, the authors explore in greater detail the influences of Confucian thought in politics and economy. Politics comes first, since Confucianism is above all a political ideology.

[…] The Confucian thought also influenced China's neighbours, which constitute what we may call the "Confucian civilization sphere". The last part of the book discusses the Confucian tradition and influence among the people surrounding the central lands of Chinese civilization.


Adam W. Jelonek, Bogdan S. Zemanek: Preface


Jan Rowiński, Justyna Szczudlik: Confucianism under the circumstances of modernization

Krzysztof Gawlikowski: The Western and the Confucian approaches to war: The universe based on struggle versus the  universe based on harmony

Stefania Skowron-Markowska: Lunyu as anthropological sources of knowledge concerning contemporary Chinese society


Adam Jelonek: Confucianism-Asian values and liberal democracy

Łukasz Gacek: The communist system in China – inspirations from the past

Joanna Wardęga: Between tradition and modernity – Chinese political elites in the process of modernization


Ewa Oziewicz: China in the concept of new Asian regionalism

Ting-Yu Lee: Cross-cultural study on Confucius' long-term orientation at workplaces. East-Asian (Taiwanese) managers versus Polish employees

Li Silfverberg: Clashes of culture? Chinese intellectual property law and the Confucian tradition

Jarosław Jura: Is McDonalds "eating" Confucius away?


Bogdan Zemanek: Confucian values in China's minority discourse and their possible importance for the situation of minority groups

Włodzimierz Cieciura: The Han Kitab. Chinese Muslim intellectual tradition and Confucianism

Małgorzata Pietrasiak: Confucianism in Vietnam

Waldemar Jan Dziak: Confucianism and kimilsongism

Dominika Oramus: "The massive cultural attack." Chinese books in England

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