Poland – China. Art And Cultural Heritage

Poland – China. Art And Cultural Heritage, edited by Joanna Wasilewska, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Kraków 2011


The book documents an exceptional event – the first conference joining Polish and Chinese art historians, organized by the Polish Society of Oriental Art, now the Polish Institute of World Art Studies in Warsaw and Confucius Institute of Jagiellonian University in 2009. The outcome of this meeting is a collection of texts covering various topics. They include syntheses of different periods and phenomena through the history of Polish and Chinese art; the rarely investigated matters of the artistic contacts between both countries, especially as researched and presented from the Chinese point of view; and the reflections on affinities and common tendencies in modern and contemporary art of China and Poland. The whole volume allows the comparison of the areas of interest and approaches presented by art historians of both countries, as well as insight into the Polish research on the Chinese art, now developing very dynamically. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese version of the volume will appear soon.



Jerzy Malinowski, Bogdan Zemanek: Foreword



Robert Kunkel: An Outline of the Medieval Architecture in Poland

Marek Walczak: Art in Krakow Turing the Reign of the Last Two Piast Kings (c. 1320-1370)

Józef Grabski: Polish Renaissance Art and the Art of the Renaissance in Poland

Jacek Tylicki: European Context of Architecture, Sculpture and Painting in Gdańsk and Royal Prussia in the Early Modern Period (Sixteenth-Seventeenth Centuries)

Jan K. Ostrowski: Forgotten Baroque Borderland

Maria Poprzęcka: Polish Painting between Historicism and Modernism

Andrzej Szczerski: Stanisław Witkiewicz and the Zakopane Style

Małgorzata Geron: Krakow Formist Group (1917-1923). Genesis of Polish Avant-Garde Art.

Iwona Luba: Propaganda of Polish Art Abroad in 1918-1939

Weronika Liszewska: Safeguarding of Asian and European Heritage in Regard to the Conservation Standards



Dobromiła Uhma-Miechowicz: What Did It Mean To Be a Foreigner in Ancient China?

Edward Kajdański: Between Science and Art: Drawings of Michael Boym to His Works on China

Danuta Zasławska: Chinoiserie in Poland

Izabela Kopania: Far from Canton: the Chinese Vogue in Eighteenth-Century Poland and Its Long Journey There

Katarzyna Zapolska: Collection of the Chinese Textiles in the National Museum in Warsaw

Chen Anying: The End of Literati Painting? An Unfinished Controversy in Retrospect

Fang Xiaofeng: Aesthetic Attitude of Chinese Classical Gardens

Łukasz M. Sadowski: Harbin. The Center of Civilization in the Northern Part of Manchukuo

Su-Hsing Lin: Archeology, National Identity and Book Design in Republican China

Katarzyna Kulpińska: International Language of Woodcut Art – Chinese and Polish Avant-Garde in the 1920s and 1930s

Karolina Pawlik: Shanghai Poinsettia and Nostalgia Counterfeits

Hu Guang Hua: Investigation of Art Exchanges between China and Poland in the 1950s

Li Chao: Dissemination of Polish Fine Arts in China in the 1950s

Adina Zemanek: Chinese Aesthetics: An Anthology. A Book Presentation



Zhang Fuye: The Elements of Traditional Culture in Modern Chinese Art

Chen Chiyu: Construction and Painting in New China

Pan Yaochang: The Posters of Mao Era: A Pespective of Art and Society

Zbigniew Osiński: Jerzy Grotowski in China

Tomasz Gryglewicz: Chinese Inspiration in Jerzy Panek's Prints

Piotr Juszkiewicz: Utopias and Expressions. Polish Art Criticism of the 1950s and 1960s

Anna Markowska: Modernism in Krakow after the Post-Stalin Thaw. The Krakow Group

Maria Hussakowska: Nicely Pained, Perfectly Done, Well Sold

Zhang Gan: Beyond Western Criteria: The Establishment of Criteria of Contemporary Chinese Art

Małgorzata Jankowska: Alike but Different: Common Themes in Chinese and Polish Art in the New Millenium

Joanna Kucharzewska: Capsule or Apartment? Remarks on Housing Architecture of the Twenty-First Century

Magdalena Czechońska: Chinese Art Scene in 1979-2000 from the Perspective of Performance Art

Magdalena Furmanik-Kowalska: Threads between Past and Future: Lin Tianmiao's Installations

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